Here at Zolid our expertise really comes inĀ to its own in settings such as public washrooms and bathrooms.

Our experience in the field of fabrication and joinery means that we can produce almost any installation required for this type of setting, and we can source almost any material specified.

Below are some examples of products we may produce for settings such as washrooms.


Wash troughs are a striking alternative to vanity units and traditional sinks and deliver a fantastic, modern look to any washroom environment, they are such great additions to washrooms because of their practicality, simplicity to maintain and cost efficiency

Troughs are often large in size but act essentially as one single sink, they can cut down on pipework significantly, particularly in a large scale washroom, as there is sometimes only one waste pipe needed, this eliminates the need for multiple individual sinks over a large surface area, dramatically reducing the cost of a project in some instances.

Solid surface is a perfect material for troughs as the seamless joints and excellent resistance to bacteria means they can be easily cleaned and maintained.

Shower Trays

Shower Trays are simple products that are easily produced.

They come in a range of styles and sizes or can be custom built for your shower.

In some washrooms shower trays can be installed seamlessly into the floor and incorporate into the design of the entire room

Commonly shower trays are made from high grade plastic or ceramic porcelain but solid surface is also a great material for its non-porous qualities.


Cubicles are a main feature found in Public bathrooms.

Depending on the client the design of cubicles can vary greatly, and with thousands of options of materials and finishes the possibilities are almost limitless.

The materials commonly used for cubicle doors and panels include MFC or Melamine Faced Chipboard or Solid Grade Laminate popular for its durable and strength.

Melamine Faced Chipboard incorporates two decorative melamine surfaces bonded to both sides of high density chipboard under high pressure and temperature.

All visible MFC panels have impact resistant, PVC edging applied.

MFC is a cost effective, hygienic and lightweight solution for all non-wet toilet areas.

More info on cubicles and washrooms:
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Wall Panelling

Panelling is a great solution for walls in washrooms and bathrooms.

Due to the fact that walls in bathrooms could be exposed to certain amount of water and strong cleaning substances, options such as wallpaper and painted walls are relatively ineffective and could be ruined easily as a result of exposure to these substances.

Waterproof Panelling is an excellent substitute for these as it can be easily maintained using cleaning substances and even laminate wall panelling has a high degree of water resistance.

Solid surface and porcelain panelling products are great materials for this kind of installation and a much better alternative to tiles as they are more durable, require less labour to install and are more resistant to bacteria as there are little to no grout lines.