Wilsonart Solid Surfacing®

Wilsonart Solid Surfacing® is an acrylic sheet material, ideally suited for surfacing counter tops, merchandising units, cash desks and numerous other areas in a retail environment.

Wilsonart comprises both traditional 13mm thick Gibraltar™ and a more cost effective 3mm product, both available in plain colours, speckles and glitters.

Wilsonart Benefits

The benefits of this product in a retail environment are extensive:

3mm thickness compared with traditional 6mm or 13mm

  • Cost reduction and less material usage
  • Extended benefits of product to other store areas
  • Lighter weight fixtures
  • 13 mm availability for edging details if required

Fully repairable-usually in store

  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Need for costly re-fits eliminated
  • POS systems remain in situ

Renewable surface

  • Extended life of fixtures
  • Installation will look as good as new when processed
  • Renewable time after time after time

Stain resistant & non-porous

  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Costly cleaning techniques avoided
  • Components look good longer

Tough, durable and very long lasting

  • Avoids damage and is more durable than laminate, melamine etc
  • Will endure full time of the installation reducing cost
  • Re-use of unit in other stores

Inconspicuous joints

  • Enhanced design and aesthetics
  • Breakdown of joints and ensuing costly repair avoided
  • Re-fabrication of units for use in other locations

Zolid have extensive experience with a wide variety of high street retailers, shopfitters and fixtures suppliers, offering a tried and tested product.

Gemstone & Solid Surface Ranges

Gemstone pdf

Wilsonart Solid Surface