Samsung Staron

samsung-staron-logo_329x233Staron/Tempests durability is so outstanding, it is frequently used in commercial surfaces and transaction areas that face daily wear and tear. See why Staron is one of the leading choices for worksurfaces:

  • 100% Acrylic
  • Good samples availability
  • Competitively priced
  • Good stock availability
  • Good colour range
  • 1/2 sheets available

Staron Commercial applications

In public areas, retail spaces and other commerical locations, Staron/Tempest stands up to daily wear and tear. But these surfaces have uses that go far beyond reception areas and information desks. Because it is a nonporous, hygienic surface, these are approved for use in commercial food preparation areas, health care and even laboratory use by all agencies that regulate specifications in those industries.

In the kitchen

With colors covering the spectrum from light to dark, it’s easy to maintain a healthy kitchen that works with any design. Unlike tile or granite, Samsung Staron/Tempest is nonporous with inconspicuous seams. As a result, germs can’t penetrate it or reside in grout seams. Even moisture cannot infiltrate and cause damage as it can with laminate countertops.

Staron Kitchen 3 Staron Kitchen 5

Staron Kitchen Staron Kitchen 1

Refined elegance in the bathroom

Staron/Tempest and its seams, which are glued and buffed, are impervious to moisture. Ideal throughout a bathroom. They are regularly used for vanities and sinks, shower walls, tub decks, tub backsplashes and even window sills. Its resistance to make-up stains and water spotting makes cleanup easy.

vanity tops staron 3 vanity tops staron 2