Architects, designers, and private individuals all love HI-MACS Natural Acrylic Stone.

Its broad appeal pleases everyone wishing to work with a high-capacity material as aesthetically pleasing as it is resistant to moisture, wear and tear.

  • 10 year limited warranty
  • LGA Hygiene certificated
  • Bespoke colour availability
  • Colour matching range of sinks and bowls

Suitable for all kinds of residential, commercial and scientific applications, it excels in the scope of its utility. Its stunning translucence, range of textures and colours, resistance to staining and its hygienic characteristics place it as an ideal choice in food preparation areas, bathrooms, hospitals, laboratories, and hotels.

This exceptional Acrylic facilitates attractive and functional store furniture, and hygienic kitchen furniture, further complimented by the range of bowls and sinks.

hi-macs kitchen example