What is Corian?

logo-corian-bigCorian is the original solid surface material from DuPont.
Corian has inspired designers around the world to create exciting furniture and interiors.
Much more than a domestic counter top, Corian is used through a spectrum of environments, from restaurants to retail and healthcare/laboratory to hotels.

  • World leaders in solid surfacing
  • Compelling samples and literature
  • Extensive range of colours and finishes
  • Half and quarter sheets available for smaller projects
  • Stock availability usually excellent, even for large projects

Originally conceived in the 1960’s, it is an established product from DuPont and continues to enjoy an ongoing programme of research and development. Importantly, it is also backed by a 10 year Warranty.

Corian offer a selection of various shapes and sizes, available in over one hundred colours that make up the fontana basin range. It also offers a range of undermount basins available in over one hundred colours. Click here to view brochures for the Fontana Sinks and Fontana Basins.


Corian – A myriad of colour

Available in well over 100 colours, including bright solid colours, whites, pastels, marbled and textured colours, it is compatible both aesthetically and practically with many traditional materials including wood, glass and stainless steel.

It is combined from minerals and high-performance acrylics, a combination that gives it the smoothness and texture associated with stone, combined with wood-like work ability. Its non-porous nature also makes it highly durable and easy to maintain.

To view the Colours available in the Brochure click here.

Versatility is key

The versatility of Corian has been key to its success. It can be cut, routed, moulded, sandblasted, inlaid or thermoformed to create almost any form and shape. Using CNC technology, it can be profiled or engraved with precision, allowing the most creative visions to be realised.

Supplied in sheets, it is bonded and joined with a special adhesive, giving a smooth, seamless appearance. This can provide the appearance that large installations have been made from a single piece.

Underlining these aesthetic qualities, it is extremely functional, making it an ideal choice in almost any domestic or commercial interior – even in traffic environments. Highly durable, it is heat, impact and stain-resistant.

Should damage ever occur, the surface is easily repairable. It is also very easy to clean, making it suitable for the healthcare and food service sectors.

Corian - White Counter Top