Corian (DeepColour)

Introducing Corian (DeepColour)™ Technology by DuPont™ Surfaces


What is DeepColour?

Within its long-term growth initiative “Endless Evolution”, DuPont™ is once again setting a new, superior standard in advanced surfacing materials for interior design and architecture: the research and development laboratories of DuPont™ have developed an innovative manufacturing solution called DeepColour™ Technology, a new range of surfaces enabling the creation of dark solid surfaces which offer deeper, more intense and durable colour, improved wear performance and easier thermoforming, seaming and finishing.


What does DeepColour Offer?

Dark hues develop an ambience, creating an aura of mystery and enveloping spaces with subtle elegance.
Innovative Corian® DeepColour™ Technology allows the creation of colors for an extraordinary new world of design possibilities. The never-ending chic of black is joined by luxurious browns and primeval greens that can be edgy, refined or lush.
The choice is yours to create a DEEP, personal space with darker tones


Where can DeepColour be used?

The DeepColour™ range is perfect for commercial installations offering rich and dark hues for an aura of mystery and elegance but yet still robust and hard wearing enough to be used for a busy work space.
Some colours are even suitable for domestic applications such as kitchen worktops and vanity surfaces.


Can I use Corian (DeepColour) in my Kitchen?

Not all colours in the Corian (DeepColour)™ range are suitable for applications such as kitchen worktops but there is three that are.
Deep Black Quartz,Deep Night Sky and Deep Bedrock
are all suitable for kitchen applications and are backed by a DuPont™ 10 Year Warranty


What colours are available to me?

Within the Corian (DeepColour)™ range there are ten new deep & rich colours too choose from including
Deep Anthracite, Deep Bedrock, Deep Black Quartz, Deep Caviar, Deep Espresso, Deep Mink, Deep Nocturne, Deep Night Sky, Deep Sable and Deep Storm.
Ranging from solid blacks to deep greens there is sure to be a colour perfect for your project.

Here is a PDF Showing all the colours available in the Corian (DeepColour)™ range