Bespoke Reception Desks

Bespoke Reception Desks

Another form of installation we excel in here at Zolid is the fabrication of Bespoke reception desks.

Reception counters and work stations are often quite large and can have complex or intricate designs, solid surface is therefore a perfect material for these installations allowing for a professional and a stylish finish while still being strong and durable, with the added bonus of almost completely invisible joints with most colours.

The construction process of a counter can vary slightly depending on several things mainly being design, setting and size.

Below is a gallery of some work we have done for clients in this form on installation.


Construction Process

We begin with Drawings, these are often provided by client or architect, after that the frame for the bespoke reception desks are then constructed usually out of MDF or Plywood.

Some counters require even more structural support and often metal work can be incorporated into the design to for a ‘skeleton’ of sorts.

After the frame is complete the ‘body work’ of the counter can now be cut, machined & thermoformed where necessary, the material used at this stage is an important factor as materials can have differing properties which can greatly effect their fabrication process.

Depending on size and intricacy of design some counters can consist of hundreds of panels, pieces, fixtures & fittings.
These can include items such as handles & hinges for doors, locking mechanisms, pop out sockets, cable tidies etc.

After all the body work has been mounted and glued the fabricators can then sand the fascias and add any final touches to the counter.

Access to the inside of the counter is made available so other works can be carried out to the counter on site if necessary.