Bespoke Products

Bespoke Products

At Zolid we pride ourselves on the ability to provide our Customers with exactly what they require, this allows us to take on Bespoke Projects others couldn’t.

Not only can we fabricate a huge number of bespoke products but also we also use a large range of material types & brands, we will also source and provide quotation on any material provided by client or customer.

Here are some of the Bespoke products we regularly produce:


Kitchen Worktops

Both Commercial & Domestic, Kitchen Worktops are products we regularly produce, the process is simple, templates are created from the measurements of the base units, details such as thickness, edge detail, appliance cut outs and extra details such as drainer grooves & upstands are taken.

The templates are then brought back to the factory where the tops are fabricated, once complete Zolid offer a full installation service.

Venaro Vanity

Bathroom Vanities

Similar to Kitchen Worktops in their fabrication process Bathroom Vanities are simply smaller worktops designated for bathroom use, they can be freestanding or sit on a base unit and can have all the features other worktops can have.

Worcester Bosch Desk

Reception Desks

Reception Desks & Counters are installations we regularly construct for our Commercial customers, design & materials are often already specified by the client but we can advise on certain elements of design where necessary.

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Fancy bar

Bar Tops

Surfaces for Bars are usually very simple to produce but also large in size, bar tops often used in Culinary or food & drink service settings such as Cafes, restaurants, public houses & nightclubs etc.

Polished stone is often a common choice for bar surfaces due to its high durability & easiness to clean but solid surface & real wood are sometimes used as well.



Shelving & Storage units

For some Projects we are required to produce shelving or storage units along with the work surfaces, we can then clad these units in solid surface, this means the units can match the tops in material and finish keeping a high level of uniformity throughout the various installations.


Troughs & Washroom Systems

Washrooms are also areas we regularly produce installations for, some large washrooms instead of having a long vanity with multiple individual basins in will opt for a more conventional trough like system with multiple taps instead, this makes the design sleeker, more seamless and can eliminate the need for individual bowls or basins.


Wall Cladding & Facades

Exterior Wall Cladding is a slightly more specialist service, often due to the sheer scale of some projects, this process involves machining out decorative panels out of a specified material, then mounting those panels onto the exterior of a building or installation.

Solid surface is commonly used for this type of work due to the fact that it is lightweight compared to stone, easy to machine & thermoform and is extremely resistant to the effects of rain, sunlight & other weather conditions.

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Bathroom Signs

Illuminated Fascias

Solid surface has some very useful features, one being its translucent qualities, lighter colours easily allow light to travel through them, making them good choices for decorative, illuminated or back lit installations.

The material is milled down to a lower thickness just to make the area being back lit more pronounced, after that LEDs can be placed on or behind the solid surface to incorporate light into the design.