What is ZecoStone?

Innovative, Unique and Beautifully handcrafted.
ZecoStone is a new material with an ethical core.
The urban landscape is mined for raw materials to
make our individual surfaces.
ZecoStone is founded upon a desire to create high
value products from recycled material, that would
otherwise be used for landfill.

Is it Green?

We source and process all materials ourselves to
ensure their quality and recycled status, and never
use alternatives.
Materials are mined and made in the UK with up to
93% recycled material.

What is it made from?

The glass is mixed with a specially developed
non-toxic, non-emitting resin system and then cast
Into solid panels.
The surface is then polished to reveal
fragments of embedded glass which reflect light.
All worktops are stain and heat resistant.

Find out more in the brochure:

ZecoStone Brochure 2016