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Digital Templating

This year Zolid decided to purchase its first ever 3D Digital Templating Machine.

The machine uses a laser to plot key points in a 3D Space, this then allows the operative to ‘draw’ the surface that is required by plotting these points on the base units and surrounding walls.

What are the advantages of digitally templating?

Digital templating has many advantages when compared to ‘hard’ templating.
As there is no physical ‘template’ transport is easy and efficient as the templating machine can be stored within a briefcase sized container, because a physical template doesn’t need to be created there is no need for any cutting on site this meansĀ waste & mess are practically non-existent.
Another advantage is that all templates as they are in a digital format can be stored away easily and securely and have a much lower chance of being damaged, lost or misused this is a much higher risk with a physical template.

Corian Quality Network

As of December 2017 Zolid have been awarded with DuPont Corian Quality Network Status.

This means any Corian surface fabricated by ourselves comes with a Guarantee of Quality and is backed by DuPont’s 10 Year Warranty.

At Zolid we always aim to keep a highly professional level of service throughout all stages of a project from initial enquiry, quotation, design, confirmation, fabrication, install and after sales care.

This award means we can continue working to this ethos and deliver the highest possible quality of work to all of our customers.